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gcc, make, patch


Keine bekannt.


History enAIO:

20-05-2004: Version 1.0

- Initial revision based on following patches:
  * Easyinput Patch by Marcel Schaeben / Patrick Maier
  * Rename Recordings Patch by Torsten Kunkel
  * Menu Selection Patch by Peter Dittmann
  * Recording Length Patch by Tobias Faust
  * Show Weekdays Patch by Oskar Signell

23-05-2004: Version 1.1

- Updated for vdr-1.3.8 (aka. removed Show Weekdays Patch).

06-06-2004: Version 1.2

- Added VDRAdmin changes from Recording Length Patch v0.3.

20-06-2004: Version 1.3

- Updated for vdr-1.3.11 (Rename Recordings Patch).
- Added "Main Menu command position" feature.
  Thanks to Olaf Henkel for his excellent weekly rants :)

11-09-2004: Version 1.4

- Removed centering from recording length field.

06-11-2004: Version 1.5

- Updated for vdr-1.3.15.
- Added the missing progress bar feature for "What's on now?"
  menu (enable only for iso8859-1/15 charsets):
  "Setup / EPG / Show progress bar"

09-11-2004: Version 1.6

- Changed the minute abbreviation from acute accent to apostrophe.

30-12-2004: Version 1.7

- Fixed a memory leak in Recording Length Patch.
  Thanks to Ralf @ VDRPortal.

10-01-2005: Version 1.8

- Updated for vdr-1.3.18.
- Fixed the spelling of menu items in Recording Length Patch.

20-01-2005: Version 1.9

- Added 'text2skin' modifications (Thanks to Sascha Volkenandt).

24-01-2005: Version 2.0

- Fixed a crash bug in Rename Recordings Patch (Thanks to Darren Salt).