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Av7110_loadkeys ist Bestandteil der dvb-apps.


this is a utility to setup IR control keymaps using the /proc/av7110_ir

just call

   # ./av7110_loadkeys [-i|--invert] [-a|--address <num>] keymapname.(rc5|rcmm) > /proc/av7110_ir

If your IR receiver hardware inverts the signal, you should use the -i
or --invert command line option.

If you have two or more devices which use the same IR protocol, you should
specify the -a or --address parameter. If the parameter is omitted, the
driver listens to all device addresses. Some examples:

Listen to *any* IR transmitter with uses the RC5 protocol:
# ./av7110_loadkeys hauppauge.rc5 > /proc/av7110_ir

Listen to RC5 transmitter with address 2:
# ./av7110_loadkeys -a 2 hauppauge.rc5 > /proc/av7110_ir

If you don't know the correct value for the -a parameter, take a look
on the debug output of the driver (see below).

Now you can test your hardware setup using evtest

   # ./evtest /dev/input/eventX

where eventX is the IR input event device, usually event0 if you don't
use USB mice or keyboards.


Keymaps are in format:

   <key> <associated input keycode>

   0x00   KEY_0
   0x01   KEY_1
   0x42   KEY_HOME


In order to write a new keymap you might want to see the raw key
values in the kernel log. Use

   # insmod dvb-ttpci.o av7110_ir_debug=1

in order to enable some verbosity in the av7110_ir driver. Then watch
the kernel log while pressing your remote control keys. When you don't see
any messages in your kernel log you should check all electrical connections,
the selected protocol (RC5 or RCMM?) and the inversion setting.

You find a list of all linux input key identifiers in </usr/include/input.h>
and "./input_fake.h".

Please post new keymaps on the linux-dvb mailing list or send them to
me <holger AT convergence DOT de>.

have fun!



# av7110_loadkeys --help
loadkeys version 1.12

Usage: av7110_loadkeys [option...] [mapfile...]

valid options are:

        -c --clearcompose clear kernel compose table
        -d --default      load "defkeymap.map"
        -h --help         display this help text
        -m --mktable      output a "defkeymap.c" to stdout
        -s --clearstrings clear kernel string table
        -u --unicode      implicit conversion to Unicode
        -v --verbose      report the changes


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